Four Nights with the Duke

So, um, yeah, I read a romance novel over the weekend called Four Nights with the Duke. It was not my usual reading material, but more along the lines of something I would have read as a teenager. However, it was entertaining, a fairly quick read and pretty juicy.

As far as plots go, it was the usual damsel in distress blackmailing a handsome duke into a marriage of convenience to outsmart the evil uncle story. The duke and his glorious manhood seduced the large-bosomed, tipped with nipples like ripe strawberries, lady who happened to also be a virgin. Ahem. There ‘s lots of passionate, mind-blowing sex.

The usual cast of characters joined our oversexed duo; a drunk but utterly wise and charming uncle, the protective best friends, a crippled young heir, the cruel butler, the jolly butler (yes, both) and an untamed Arabian stallion. And this group faced the usual hurdles, with characters fighting their own feelings or doing what they think is best for other characters without discussing it with them first, etc.

With all the action, intense feelings and, well, sex, it’s hard to believe this book’s timeline was only about four days long. But it was a raucous four days. Whew.


Let’s be honest. We don’t read these books for their intellectual stimulation. Romance novels are fun, light reads. And this one fulfilled it’s purpose.

I’m actually considering starting a book club just for reading romances. Think how much fun the group discussions would be! “How many times did the author mention his glorious member?” or “Did her bosom heave too much?”

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