Jodi Picoult Tweeted Me!

Last week I sent out Tweets to about 15 best-selling authors asking them the same three questions, and the only one who responded was Jodie Picoult. But … Jodi Picoult! I had a total fan girl moment.



This was really exciting for many reasons. One of those being that the book she’s currently reading is one I’ve read, All The Light We Cannot See, and it’s a beautifully written book. It has a rather unique story line, following a young, blind French girl and an orphaned German boy during WW II.


Jodi Picoult though … she’s an amazing author. A MASTER storyteller! And I happened to have read her most recent book, Leaving Time, which was one of those books I devoured. It intertwined the study of elephants with a young girl’s search for her missing mother. I learned so much about elephants. They are fascinating, intelligent and empathetic mammals. I’ve always been impressed by elephants, but I learned so much more about them in this book.


One of the central characters helping the girl look for her mom was a psychic, and the plot line ventured into the unknown a bit, which I also found fascinating. The subject matter (elephants!), the excellent writing, the character development and the mystery … all of it worked for me. Jodi Picoult has dabbled in the paranormal before in her book Second Glance, which I also read and enjoyed.

I may try to Tweet more authors, to find out what they are reading or see what they have to say. One of my favorite parts of using social media is how much more accessible it has made some authors. Do you follow any of your favorite authors in social media?

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